Porsche Club GT 2021



Tubi Style’s vocation for the great car marques of the world has also led us to partner the 2021 Porsche Club GT Championship.

Porsche Club GT 2021 season is the second season of this Porsche Monomarque championship.  Both race and street cars will fight ont he most beautiful Italian tracks during dedicated time attack events.  The championship is an official ACI Sport Italia competition,  it is managed from Porsche Club Umbria, and it is open to every Porsche owner subscribed to an European Porsche Club.


Formula SAE


Tubi Style believes very strongly in both in research and development, and in fostering the talents of up-and-coming generations. This is why we are proud to sponsor Formula SAE Italy & Formula Electric Italy (Formula ATA). The 13th edition of this international technical and racing competition takes place between July 19 and 23 2017 at the Autodromo Riccardo Paletti in Varano de’ Melegari (Parma). Formula ATA is open to engineering students from universities worldwide who design and then build a prototype single-seater race car. During the event, the student teams tackle various stationary and on-track tests. Both conventional internal combustion engine-powered cars and electrically-propelled cars will compete. There is also a third category for those entrants presenting a vehicle design only rather than a completed fully-functioning car.